I can't fully get over a crush I loved?

I realized I wasn't happy in life, and apparently it's because I am not over this girl who I loved.

I can't let go, maybe because there is still a chance I can be with her? I still have 1% of hope, anything can happen in this world?

Plus I see her everyday at work, and I can't find another job.

Plus I have no one to move on to, I keep getting rejected and am not doing well with girls lately.

I still fantasize that she tells me everything was a misunderstanding, and she loves me, and she never really had a boyfriend and was just trying to make me jealous.

I am feeling better these days, My heart doesn't ache anymore, my mind is not in a state of pressure/stress, and I can think clearly but I still do think about her everyday.

It was a long story, we both were never clear with each other, I am unclear what her intentions were, I did ask her out, she said maybe... She invited me out to hang out with her friends, I saw her with her boyfriend... stopped talking to her... ACTUALLY GOT OVER HER... but found out she was single, and that kind of messed with me because I realized why it would never work, and I have a chance to be with her...

But we don't talk to each other anymore, and tensions are very high...

So I am very lost, It's been almost two years and I guess it's hard for me to accept we won't be together? I am unsure how getting over someone works... Bargaining/depression stage is what I am in... and just knowing she is single, but she probrally doesn't want me anyway and she doesn't want to talk... I don't know...

I really need some help.


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  • Okay... the secret to getting over anything in life is remembering to always look forward and NEVER looking behind you... looking forward and reminding yourself that the future beholds many possibilities is the only way the Sky will look less darker. .. stay busy... a pleasant surprise could be waiting for you just around the corner...😊


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  • You are not in love you are obsessed with her. There is a difference.

    • Same thing? How do I get past it?

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