Not seeing boyfriend?

I have just found out I won't be seeing my boyfriend over the festive period. This will be our first Christmas and new year's together and I was hoping to see him at least on New Year's Eve but I have been told by him that he's going out with his mates and brother and sister to a rave instead.
I understand he is busy over Christmas but to not even be seeing him new year really sucks
Any help?


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  • Why don't you ask him if you can go with him? So basically he's putting his friends before you? And didn't even ask if you wanted to come along? I don't know sounds wrong to me :(

    • Nope didn't ask me at all.. he knows I have no plans as well.
      He did this with his birthday celebration's too didn't invite me

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    • Good let me know what happens!

    • He basically said I'll let you know

  • Your a side chick he has another woman is my first thought... have you met his friends or family yet? If not I'd be worried

  • Omg thats weird. Maybe he's planning to cheat. Jk. I don't know , you should talk to him about it. Communication in a relationship is sooo important! Tell him how sad you feel !

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