How are you supposed to treat a girl that didn't choose you 1st?

I have another girlfriend now and its another girl who didn't choose me first. I knew her before she dated her last boyfriend. She chose him over me and wasn't into me. I was into her though.
She begged me to give her a chance and a chance to make it right. But it still stings that the other guy was chosen first. Now since she didn't choose me 1st, I treat her badly like all my other exes. She gets the special treatment!
I act like i don't want to be here. I use her for sex. I bring up the past. I talk down to her. But she is still here and still holding out hope I will change my mind about her not choosing me first. How are you supposed to treat a girl who didn't chose you first?

So the moral of the story is to date only strangers. Don't date people you know.


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  • The way you treat your exes is childish cruel and stupid. I was going to give you advice but fuck that. I hope she moves on soon because she obviously deserves better. "She didn't choose me first" is the most sorry excuse for treating someone the way you're describing. People are allowed to like other people GTF over yourself, prick. Petty jackass.

    • I'm just trying to get my point across to her that I'm disappointed. I've told her directly I'm disappointed.

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  • You should dump her though for being so weak to take all that shit from you and being too small of a person to walk away. Your bruised little ego gives you no right to treat her like shit. She is an idiot. Find a women with a backbone.

    • Yeah she is an idiot. That guy she chose over me treated her bad. I'm just doing the same.

  • you should treat her as you'd treat any girlfriend. if you resent her or hold it against her then you should be with her.

    if you are going to be with her you should treat her as you should treat any gf/partner

    • She was treated bad by the guy she chose over me. I should treat her the same way.

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    • I do want to end up like her ex, so I'm going to treat her poorly. I will ruin her for the next guy just like her ex did to me.

    • well if you want to be that guy then go for it. i'd suggest a more virtuous path but i guess you are who you are.

  • Say, hello nice to meet you. Then move on to her best friend. If you like her ;) pay her no mind.

  • Your wasting both of your times. You're holding a grudge against her which is not relationship material unless you are willing to tell her and fix it. Relatioships are a 2 way street. Stop wasting your time and hers, nobodys got time for that

    • I've already told her directly that I'm disappointed. That's why she's working hard to please me and change my mind about her.