Whats the MEANEST thing your partner has ever done?

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  • Ok, here it is. I took him out 4 days before his bday to a 4 star dinner. He then asks me it the next day and we get together surprisingly on his actual bday. This was the 1st time I've ever done a birthday dinner for anyone. He gets mad at me because I only paid for the dinner before his bday. He was mad he paid for parking even though I had the money. he said I should've fought him for the right to pay. The. He was mad that HE decided to detour and get drinks tha the paid for. As well as being pissed he paid for dinner on his birthday. He said my birthday efforts didn't matter and he took his gift and two bday cards and walked away. I have never planned someone's birthday so if I messed up jus they me know. I only planned on treating him to dinner before his birthday. He then told me the worst 2 birthdays he's had have been with me. Even thoughnthats not what he said in the moment. He also told me I was jealous of the attention I get and that no one would ever treat me as well as he does. He's gone silent for 12 days and I injustice can't compel myself to call him to make amends again. My family emphasizes Christmas over birthdays and I'm used to having misplaced beaus. But I did try and I did ask him what he expected. He told me whatever I did would be enough. Shame. As I had a surprise half bday planned for him as well. Really crummy. As all of the planning that I did since we were having dinner in a city that was not our hometown wa worth nothing to him.

    • GIRL you did more than enough!

    • Really? I appreciate that. He made me feel real badly about not paying the second time. I thought I was in the wrong. Your words help 😊

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  • not existing is pretty mean


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  • He says that he can't really think of something. In the past nine years we've known each other, I've obviously done mean things to him but he says generally I'm not intentionally malicious so he can't think of anything big. Right now, off the top of my head, I would say the meanest thing he's done to me is nearer the start of our relationship when he asked how I could be so cold hearted. It's not particularly mean but we're not really mean to each other very often... It's just something that still gets me sometimes.

  • My boyfriend doesn't do anything mean to me, but this is the closest:
    But i was staying at his place and he usually goes to bed super early because his job requires him to wake up early. I can't fall asleep as easily as he does, so I stay up in the living room chilling until I get tired. One night I went back ready to sleep and he's taking up the whole bed and I try to get him to move and he's like "noooo" and he weighs too much for me to push him over.
    So I slept on the couch that night hahaha. When he woke up in the morning he's like "baby!! Why are you on the couch?" Haha.
    Now I go to bed when he does. But I always thought me just laying there trying to fall asleep and rolling on my side would disturb him. But I guess not hahha

    • So I was*
      lol can't even start off a story correctly

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    • @TonyRyanAgain lol I think a lot of guys are like that 😂
      But I mean, I didn't wanna wake him up if he has to work and disturb him, ya know?

    • Makes sense, I sleep like a bear, you could punch me in the face and I wouldn't remember waking up, haha.