What is she doing to me?

I'm going through a divorce and she knows it. We talk constantly about anything and everything. The topic of sex comes of a lot, but mostly we talk about life, past relationships, the plans for the future etc..

Sometimes out of the blue she'll go off on how bad she wants to make out or cuddle, or do it with someone. She's gone into detail about when she gets horny what she does to solve the problem solo.

Shes going out with this guy but she refuses to commit to him. Only says he's a fling. Absolutely will not call him her boyfriend.

Shes broken up with him several times and comes to me for advice. I play the friend and give her the best advice I can, often advice that is not in my best interest.

She talks about being messed up emotionally a lot. I play the friend here too. I let her know everything is going to be ok. I comfort her. I let her know I care for her and her feelings, that I don't want her to hurt or feel bad about herself.

Shes drunk dialed and drunk texted me several times. The texts got really interesting, she kept asking if I thought she was cute and wanted to make out with her. I said yes (playfully) to both. The next morning she apologized for the texts.

At work we chat and hang out all day. She'll come sit at my desk and tell stories or jokes.

Shes called me out for having a crush on her.

hmm... What else? She's wants to hang out outside of work but she's said that its probably not the best idea at the moment because of the divorce.

I don't know what to do man. She's complicating my life. I can't stop thinking about her. She's the most amazing person I have ever met in my life. Every day I am wowed by her. Not by her looks or anything but by her as a person, her personality, her goals, her accomplishments. I am completely enamored by her. She makes me want to be a better person. She inspires me.

Am I a friend? Am I a potential date after the divorce is final? Am I being used? What is she up too? I want to be in her life, even if its just friends.


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  • She's got you friendzone'd. I'd say just move on, you're never going to get anywhere with this woman.

    • When I talk to my guy friends they all say "friend zoned". When I talk to my femal friends they all say she's into me.

    • No offense to them, but girls give terrible advice when it comes to dating and attracting women. They usually focus more on trying to make you feel good and boost your confidence, then in actually telling you the honest truth. Dating for girls is very very very much different than it is for guys. Consequently they usually don't give good advice that guys can actually use because they usually only see dating from their own perspective.

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