Why do girls complain about the heat?

I setup a date with a girl and she already mentioned about how hot it might be. I'm like you have to be kidding me. I'm ready to cancel the date already.


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  • Maybe she doesn't like this kind of weather?

    • She's in the wrong area then :P 80 is cool down in the south, typically it get

    • gets up to 100 in the summer.

    • No biggie though, I just thought I'd bring it up on here.

  • every woman you date complains about it or just her? maybe she just doesn't want to get all sweaty on your date lol that would be really awkward for me

    • Just about every girl I've dated has complained about it. I took a girl to the zoo in May and it was like 80 degrees outside, couldn't be more perfect and was complaining that it was hot.

    • well for me that's almost too much 😕 any hotter and I can't go out bc I feel like sht

    • It's just a matter of adapting too it. You're used to the ac, but I understand you don't want to be all hot and sweaty and look like shit.

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  • Because modern girls aren't used to the kitchen? If you can't stand the heat...