Why would a girl be OK with hanging out with a dorky guy that likes her, but not me?

I'm pretty much positive that she knows he likes her and it seems totally cool for them to hang out and see each other, but I like her too. I was kinda the cool, shy, semi-popular kid I guess, but I never went to any parties really. I told her how I felt about her after a while. we were friends and I tried to hang out with her a bunch even way before telling her, but it never happened. what's her deal?!

does she see him as non-threatening? I'm not either, but why would she be so paranoid about spending time with me?


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  • sometimes, it's not just about the coolness or popularity. it's more of the connection you feel to a person. did she say she likes that boy too? or are they just hanging out together? does she still hangout with you after you told her you like her? maybe she's not ready to be with someone yet. don't rush things or else she'll feel forced.

    • No she doesn't like like him... he had a lot of friends too I should give him some credit, I like the kid too, but still... the girl and I were good friends too and seemed to get on well. she always seemed a little nervous around me tho, I don't know why, especially since she said she didn't like me in a boyfriend way.

    • Try not to rush things at the moment. give it more time. if she already knew that you like her and didn't avoid u, just stay with her and let her know you're just there till she's ready. a girl's mind changes a lot. so even if she tells you that she didn't like you in a boyfriend way, then you should try to find out more secretly what is the "boyfriend material" for her. and if you really like her, you can try to work on that ;)

    • Dude being yourself is the key, don't change for anyone cause you will just wined up in the long run feeling uncomfortable thinking that you are living a lie. Be smart about this let she accept you for who you are. I hope you are not sitting around waiting for her hangout with you without telling her that you need her around. If you don't want to do that just go around her, she'll come around man, just don't pess her about the relationship thing. Just wait and be nice!

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  • just because you think this guy is "dorky"

    doesnt mean that's what she sees in him.

    maybe she thinks he a guy she's comfortable around, cool to chill with, etc.

    either way she doesn't sound too interested in you :/

    time to move on.

  • idk maybe she feels more comfortable with him...she could have known him for a lot longer or knows him well..maybe she just wasn't into you and feels that you come on too strong? or maybe he is fun to hang out with to her and they just click


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  • Ok not to burst your bubble or anything but she may just not have an interest in you. She may like you as a friend and her reason for maybe feeling nervous around you is because she knew you liked her but she doesn't like you that way. Not saying that I am right I'm just saying that this is something you may have to take into account because I have had many girls that I liked but they never shared those feelings. It sucks but it happens

    • Right... I've thought about that, but still, what about that other guy? It doesn't make much sense to me.

    • Well like I said, he just might be her type, everyone is different and if there is one thing I have noticed is taht people can do the most unpradictable things. You may not think that he's not worthy of her or something like that but maybe she knows or sees something in him that you can't. You never know. Love is not a simple thing, and can be unpredictable.