Ever felt lost when you were single , not sure where to take things?

I'm at that stage where I'm not really sure what I should try and do or who to try and date. feel like I know what I want in terms of a girl but not sure how to go out there and get it. just feel lost at this point but don't feel a desperate need to be seeing someone rate now


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  • Wow. This is such a real question. Just be open. Expand your dating pool. Go out. Sit at a nice lounge/bar and not be on your phone or reading a book. Go to charity events. It's like going after a job. Sometimes it's handed to you and sometimes you have to work hard at it.

    • it might help if I was more open minded to date other people , think that I've had a hard time opening up to other possible options outside of some of the existing people I knew

    • I know. That's one of the things that I am working on. Also remember to consider the places that you go. I frequent more classy and upscale places to come across different people. We can limit ourselves was so much that who know the person we'd miss. Personally, I feel my situation will change once I can obtain a career in NYC finally transitioning out of the suburbs. :) I'm not going to say "stay positive" as living through this is hard. Just keep your eyes open and try not to play games. Avoid magazine advice and deal with the person in front of you.

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  • I am feeling that why right now, expect my situation is different. 😅


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  • I think options are running out, and if you're not getting richer, the sooner you land the right girl the better. There's a competition for good girls.

    • I've still meet some interesting girls the last while , just haven't dated them

    • Well, you know your life better than I do, but 40 and single sounds like a pretty dark place.

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