Would you date a guy if he was Atheist?

  • Yes
    57% (8)
  • No
    43% (6)
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  • Yes. But only if he wasn't anit-religious/spiritual. That drives me up the wall nuts when I go on a date with a man whose ask me and I tell him I am religious and wants to sit there and talk about how we are all "hypocrites that judge others people" and "how religion isn't real" how could you believe in_____________, science tells us____________." ... and I'm just sitting there eating my salad looking very uncomfortable because I was just answering a simple question. Lol

    • I'm atheist but I definitely don't do that. I respect others beliefs. A guy like that is just cruel

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    • So I'm trying to understand. You only date religious men? Or do you date Atheists based on the principle they not talk about religion? I'm an Atheist and I don't do that. Not all atheists do that.

    • I date both; I don't even lean towards one. I won't never date a religious man that was anti- other religions/not religious just like i wouldn't the other way...
      and I do think it's important to talk about it... but not on a first date, or even 2nd or 3rd. (Yes you can ask me and tell me yours but not a dedate it) sends me the wrong message that when we DO talk about it, I'm just going to sit their all over again but this time I won't have a salad to fill the awkwardness of a one sided convo. Cause these people (the ones who want to debate it and are anti anything) also don't want to let you talk lol. I've noticed

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