How to stop being attracted to someone?

I am lusting/very attracted to a girl and I need these feelings to stop.

It's getting toxic as I will never be with her, and I need to move on but this might be the final issue I have to address.

She is not even that beautiful but I lust for her body... She is the most attractive girl in the universe in my eyes.

I feel like if I magically saw her as ugly , I could move on...

Her personality is ugly anyway... But still I really want her...

Is there a way I can kill my attraction towards this girl?

I have never been this attracted to a women in my life!


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  • I know how you feel, going through it right now:

    1. Find another person
    2. Imagine her with someone else (it turns most people off)
    3. Try talk to her, maybe she will be rude and then you won't like her as much
    4. Try something that will keep your mind off her like a new hobby/sport
    5. Try avoid her/unfriend her and block her sites and social media
    6. Go on tinder :)
    7. Remember attraction is not a sin!

    Good luck :)

    • Oh man.

      I saw that she had a boyfriend, and it killed me inside. I saw him kiss her... That shattered my heart, and things are tense between us... We are both rude to each other.. and I have to see her everyday.

      Tinder, I can't seem to hook up with anyone on there... Plus I am a virgin, so I am scared jumping into casual sex without experience.

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    • well tell me if she does ;)

    • Lol for sure :)

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  • It takes time. You can't just go to bed and wake up without feelings. I guess sometimes rejection will make you forget the feelings but with the time. All you can do is get a hobby and devote time to it. Fun with your friends. Or you can look for someone else. And most imp stop chasing her on social medias. And if you got any pics you gotta delete it. by the way i hope you get your girl and it all turns in righf direction. opps sorry. Am i answering your questions or creating more trouble for you.


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  • Find another girl. You'll forget about her sooner or later.

    • I am hoping the next girl will make me forget my troubles, but It's just not happening.

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