I insulted a girl who I want, because I felt she was using me for attention, but she never met me, she told, I made first good impression?

What she is telling me, if she texts me "why do you care about it?" If I insulted her before, because she gave no attention for me back, and was waisting my time. What I texted her, that I owe you my help, for what I gave my word for beforel. I'am confident by moving forward and forgeting her, but I feel more confident by helping her, I don't fear rejection anymore, because she rejected me once. What should I Do, I Want fight for her, and that will make me happy?


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  • No, you should no longer fight for her because she rejected you and people don't like it when other people are being pushy.


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  • This is not meant to be mean or anything like that..

    huh.. so she rejects you and you insult her? dude first step would be growing up and understanding not everything works out the way you want.. the next would be to move on and see what else is out there and give it some space then approach it again once you are more secure in yourself

    • No, the thing is, I insulted her before rejection, and she rejected me because, I text her,
      :she uses me. I agreed with rejection and apologized, and wish good luck, and bye. But I feel I owe her, what i gave a word for.

    • naw man u need to just move on or else the situation will get worse... and remember never insult a girl you actually like and want more than a one night stand with because in the end its a shitty thing to do and RARELY works towards your advantage

    • That sucks, my friend told me I should take her back and she will like it. On other hand, internet is telling me wrong, I know what you think, i doubt myself. But all I want is, she will think I'am a good person, thats all. So I think I made a good decision, that I told I care about her, or anyone else who I made a promise. Thats what i told her :)