Girls, Would you be bit uncomfortable dating a guy?

Who wants to be like women. Envies their body curves, boobs , genitals and smooth face , body and long silky head hair and hates his own body because he isn't having those nice features that women have?

What's wrong


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  • So what you're saying is you're a man trapped in a women's body so it would make you a lesbian? That's how Bruce is from the kardation family.

    • Maybe you can say that.
      He hates having facial and chest hair.
      He wishes he had perfect shapely curves.
      Hairless legs.
      Feels penis is ugly and useles thimg hanging between legs

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    • So men having bald head is ok?
      Men having hairy /very hairy arms and legs is totally nice and manly? But we want hairless belly and chest!! Odd. Isn't it.

    • Not bold just short, although I love a skin head. Everyone's attracted to different things this is me personally!!! Lol thats just how life is I find it funny women wear make up to attract men.. Meanwhile a man prefers all natural and men buy cars and want to work out to get huge meanwhile us women could really careless for that kind of stuff. Weird weird thought.

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  • I wouldn't date anyone like that.

  • Yes. Would never happen. I'd be outta there, sharpish.

    • Whyyyyyyyyyyy

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    • Bi women would be more attracted to women isn't it?

    • Every woman is different obviously. Some are more attracted to men, some more attracted to girls, some are attracted equally to both.

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