Went on a date that went pretty great. We hung out for 4+ hours (had coffee, got dinner, etc.) But now I'm not sure if he wants more. Thoughts?

A little background: We live in two different areas, so it can be a pretty long commute to see one another.

He was in my area for the week, so we decided to grab coffee. We initially were just going to get coffee, but then he suggested we get dinner afterward (So a plus in my opinion). By the time we were already at the restaurant, I could tell we were getting pretty comfortable with each other (sitting close, his hand on my knee, etc.). Overall, it was an awesome date.

A day after the date, he initiated a good morning text. But I noticed since the date that he's been less responsive. He still initiates texts throughout the day, either saying Good Morning or Hi, but he hasn't really told me I was pretty, or any other things he had said leading up to the date.

One night, I told him that I liked him and wanted to see where things would go. He said he liked me too with a :3. I then said that I looked forward to many more dates, and he sent me a :3. I made it clear what I meant by saying that I liked him.

I want to see him again, but I'm hoping he'll be the one to initiate, to at least let me know he's still interested.

I'm thinking this is all in my head, and could be either one of two things:

A. He has me so he feels comfortable enough with me to go to his normal texting ways. He doesn't have to try and impress me anymore since he feels he has me.
B. He's slowly telling me he's just not interested.

On a side note, do guys send memes and cutesy emoticons to girls they like?


What Guys Said 1

  • I send memes and emojis to my girlfriend so I would say yes to the last question. As for the other stuff I would say it could be a combination of your two options, but more likely that he may be losing interest

    • 😕 He did say that he wanted to see me on a free weekend, so I hopened it's just because he's comfortable with me.

    • Yes I hope it is just because he is comfortable with you as well!

What Girls Said 1

  • How long has it been since your last date? Maybe he will eventually initiate especially if he texts you every day.

    • Thursday of last week... but based on my insecurities getting in the way, I sent him a message. I may have F***** up those chances.