Does it mean anything when women look at you (guy) and then roll their lips inwards…?

I've had several women do this to me…they will look at me, and then when they get close, they will like, roll their lips inwards, look down (sometimes, other times look right at me), and its as if they are stopping themselves from smiling.

what does this mean?


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  • That's actually an unconscious sign of interest! So it's like her body telling you that she liked you whether she knows it or not! If it seems like she's biting away a smile, she might be! Smiles show happiness and you get happy when you meet your crush's eye. It could also be a nervous habit that just so happens to occur after meeting eyes. It could also just simply be the girl adjusting Chapstick or other lip products. I personally do all of these things. But if she keeps making eye contact and playing with her lips, she's most likely interested and is trying to look cute and kissable.

    • thats exactly what i see when they do that. its like they're stopping themselves from smiling and roll their lips. i thought it meant something good.

    • Haha yeah! That's what it means! It can be good if they're interested in you

  • Nope it does not


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