(Any help would be greatly appreciated!) How can I get this girl that I just started talking to give me a chance?

I previously posted a question about whether or not this girl I'm interested in likes me or not, so the context from that question is probably needed to understand this question.

Anyway, long story short is that this girl in one of my college classes was stealing glances at me and I didn't respond at the beginning of the semester. After a while, she stopped looking at me and started talking other guys in our class.

After my last question, I decided to talk to her. I spoke to her a few days ago, and our first convo was kind of awkward on my part. I spoke to her again, (I smiled shyly to her first, which I think was a mistake) asking her about how her day was and she said it was good. I've only spoken to her about two times, so it makes sense that she doesn't really approach me. My problem is that she and this other guy in my class talk to each other a lot. I think they call each other by their last names and they joke around a lot. Not to be mean, this guy is pretty unattractive and I'm not sure if she likes him or not. In any case, everytime I want to talk to her, he is always around her and I think he likes her, its so annoying.

I also feel like I'm kind of awkward around her because I tend to invest my emotions into one girl and whenever I see her I get kind of shy.

How can I show her that I'm a great guy? How should I handle this other guy? I don't wanna sound like those nice guy types, but people really love me when they get to know me, and I've been told that I'm attractive. How can I get her to see me for who I am? I have confidence issues, but I've been actively working on them.

Any help would greatly appreciated!!


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  • Unless a girl is pretty shallow, girls definitely go for guys who are confident, easy to be around with, funny and gives them a lot of attention even if that guys is not THAT attractive. Doesn't matter. That might be the case with her and the other guy. Insisting that you look better than the other guy won't change anything if she likes him for his personality. Yes! There are still girls out there who are like that.

    With that said, what you can do is to show her you're interested! Be friendly with her but make it obvious that you're also trying to flirt with her. Don't over do it though. It's a very playful and less awkward way of showing someone you're interested. If she flirts back, your chances of winning her over are high.

    • I want to talk to her after class but the other guy is always closer to her during class and speaks to her first and they walk away together. What should I do? Should i message her on fb and talk to her there? I don't see her anywhere else.

  • Do you know her full name? I would try Facebook her and send her a message.


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  • Man it doesn't matter how cool or awesome you are if you don't show it. And since you didn't she got interested in another guy. Try to show that you want her without being needy or jealous of the other guy. She probably noticed that you wanted her more when she started talking to the other guy.

    • How should I approach her next time I see her. How do I warm up to her now without seeming needy or jealous?

      Also, this may be shallow, but how could she like (more than friends) the other guy in my class? He's kind of funny but he's unattractive. I'm not trying to be rude to him, I'm sure he's a great guy otherwise.

    • Honestly guys care more about appearance than girls. That doesn't mean they don't care about looks but if a guy has confidence, humor, wittyness and is comfortable in his own skin he can definitely get girls even if better looking guys approach her.

      As for your first question: I'm not the best guy for advice on that. I know how women work and whatever but I'm in no way a womanizer. I would just say try to offer value. What does that mean? Maybe watch this to see if you resonate with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykK6U9wTVIo