I really want to ask out my female freind who knows that I like her, however would be going to be hanging out with our group two days after the date?

We see each other on Thursday. So I would ask her out then. The date would probably be on Friday. However we are going to see each other Saturday at our group and Sunday. Would it be a good idea to wait to ask her out till next week?


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  • I would recommend waiting until next week, when you don't have group plans. This way in case she does refuse the offer of going out with you, it won't create tension in the group, or make you two uncomfortable. Everyone will pickup on that.

    You're probably best waiting a bit longer to ask her out. This way if she says no you two can have time to take a break and don't have to be spending time or seeing one another right away.

    • Yeah that was what I was thinking thanks for commenting.

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