Do you have to build attraction with a girl before you ask her out?

Say you like a girl but you're only acquaintances and have casual and bland conversations from time to time.
I was recently told that if you are in this situation you should never ask the girl because you are bound to fail since the girl has no idea you like her and it will catch her by surprise and she will automatically reject you.

You can only ask a girl out if you from the beginning slowly build attraction over time by being playful, making her laugh, flirting and over time as she becomes more and more fond of you then you ask her out.
That is its a slow process that needs to go gradually upward and you cannot go up to a girl you have meaningless basic conversations with occasionally and just ask her out.

Do you agree with this?


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  • Attraction is very important. I would say that if a girl is not attracted to you, she will find you very creepy for checking her out

  • No, not necessarily. Sometimes people meet and they just click straight away. It's more the quality of your interactions, like if you feel like your conversations are fun and flirty, or boring and filled with awkward silences.

    Maybe just try starting to make jokes and see how she reacts, if you get a good vibe from her then ask her out.


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