Friday I was walking through the hall at school and my crushes friend nudged my
crush towards me, and at the end of the school day I asked for my crushes number. My crush doesn't have a phone. Then Monday in the same
lobby in school at the same time my crushes friend once again nudged her towards me. Yesterday I didn't see them in the lobby, but today during school at the samw lobby and same time, my crushes friend did not nudge her towards me, but her friend was laughing about something when she seen me. Plus my crush was on the other side of her then she usually was the other days. Why would my crushes friend do that, does my crush like me back?


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  • Your crush's friend was trying to play match maker. She was either distracted or bored the last time you saw them.
    At least your crush knows that you like her and one of her friends thinks you would be cute together. This doesn't say anything about how your crush feels about your directly though.


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  • It really can go either way. "Worst" case, the feelings are mutual and her friend nudges her towards you as a way to tease her (Yes, that would suck, i know.)
    Or, she the feelings are mutual and her friend nudges her in order to make her talk to you (or just tease her).

    The thing is, there is no way to be sure. It is a bit weird that she doesn't have a phone. To be frank, it could have been an excuse to not give her number to you. Again, we have no idea. Best you can do is to chat with her a bit and see how that goes.

    • That's what I thought also about the phone thing, turns out she only has a iPod

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