I'm leading him on?

I met this guy and I kind of like him, but I don't want to marry him and I'm leaving when summer comes. We've been going on dates. I'm 18 but I don't know how old he is I'm too scared to ask. he could be like 30, but his age doesn't matter cuz i dont wanna marry him. i see him at least twice a week at dancing. and im scared if i break it off itll be awkward between us. but i love dancing and talking with him. I don't want a boyfrined but I dont mind going on dates but I feel like im leading him on when i do go on dates?

would it be alright if i waited until he asked me to be his girlfriend to tell him i dont want a boyfriend?


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  • Just tell him your not into the dating field cause you want concentrate on work and getting college education. If he ask why aren't you interest just tell him that you have to do what your parents wished for you. If he says, do your parents run your life say no but I'm not into dating to least 5 more years trust me he will get the hint.


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  • I am not sure what you're doing that you claim you're leading him on. Do you reciprocate flirting with him?

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