Would you continue to date or bail on a guy if he was... ?

So you have gotten out of a shitty relationship or gotten over the break up and went back into the dating pool. With some great and non so great dates you found a guy who you feel happy to be around with. But thinking to yourself "This is too good to be true...". And whola your 6th sense is correct.

You started dating a Programmer. Out side of being a Programmer you new found happiness also enjoys not so often video gaming, enjoys watching Japanese Anime and is pretty crazy about Sushi.

Your are now faced with couple of options.

Option 1 - Bail on this guy before it's too late and you fall for them further.
Option 2 - Take a long breath, say Duck-it :) and continue on with the relationship, at least you know this guy want be a cheating tool and you know you will always find him in his man lair (aka Basement)

What options would you choose and would you ever date a person who was a Programmer by trade? Granted they never speak of programming during the dates or other events. For most part you don't know they are even a Programmer unless they tell you so.

  • Mission Abort! I repeat Mission Abort! This Relationship is a NO-GO, Tango 1 Out
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  • ... Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh... Whatever as long as I'm happy I guess... : but bit disappointed...
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  • What PROGRAMMER AND INTO ANIME? Nuke this SOB! Ain't wasting my time here!
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  • I only date smarty pants :)
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  • There wasn't really an option for me but meh. I like gaming and anime too (not so keen on sushi) so it'd probably be best that we were into similar things. Worked out pretty well for my partner and I.

    • What option would that be just out of curiosity? :)

    • I voted the 'as long as I'm happy, I guess' option but really I'd have liked to vote for 'we have similar interests so why should it bother me?'

    • Hmm, that option never hit me. I was bit to occupied with writing a semi sarcastic and humorous question and eating Mint KitKat. My apologies for missing that option, it should have been added *bows in shame*

  • Not a deal breaker or even a turn off to me. Not a turn on either but if that's what he's into then no biggie. 😊

    • lol, it's a never deal breaker with a keyboard and coffee junky, unless there crazy fit, and most of them ain't :)

    • Wait what? lol

    • oh don't mind me, just some nonsense mumbling about some random crap lol, oh and we are weird as fuck so there's another deal break :D

  • I don't understand what's wrong with any of those hobbies lol. I haven't watched anime for many years etc. but either way, why would this matter? I'm confused.

    • Nothing outside that programmers or dating one carries a social stigma of dating the anti-social lunatic 😂

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    • No prob. Law is a resource intense subject but it takes more then that to fry them brain cells, unless you did some nifty iffy LCD/ACID.

      Here's a 🍺

    • Hahaha thank you! I've been having long stressful nights 🍻

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