Should I text the guy I was dating and ask him if my ex fed him a false runour or let it go?

I had been dating a guy until he ghosted me. I haven't heard from him in two weeks. I am almost certain my crazy ex boyfriend messaged him on Facebook and told him we were still talking or some other harmful rumour to make him (the guy I was dating) ghost on me. Is it worth it to text the guy and ask him if my ex did something to make him unsure of me or should I just let it go? At this point I have sent him two unanswered texts in a three week period.

  • Text him!
  • Let it go!
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  • If this guy would ghost you solely on the basis of what an ex said, without discussing it with you. . . he ain't worth having!


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  • This sounds familiar... didn't you post already? I thought you knew for sure your ex messaged him? I wish people would just grow up and let exes go instead of being fucking snakes and trying to harm them.

    Anyhow, IF you text him just say, "I don't know if fed you some bullshit story or whatever's causing this... but you lost your chance at me."

    • Yes I did post but after talking with friends was still unsure about what to do so I though a poll would help. I do know for sure but wanted to get an unbiased vote.

    • Stupid site removed part of that...

      * "I don't know if (your ex's name) fed you some bullshit story"

What Girls Said 1

  • It's best not to directly accuse people of something, even if you have a gut feeling. People will respect you more if you don't jump to conclusions, so instead of doing so, say something more along the lines of "hey, is everything alright?"
    But he's ghosting you anyway based on something that didn't come from you, which makes him trash. Forget about him.