Does he like me or is he just really good at playing girls?

So me and this guy have been seeing each other for 5 weeks now and he seems very into me. He still texts me all day, every day and is very engaging and he remembers all of the little things that I tell him. He's told all of his best friends about me and makes plans with me for events that are over a month away. He cuddles and makes out with me for hours on end and never tries to make any sexual advances.

However, lately, I've gotten a strong feeling that he has been avoiding being seen with me in public and then today I saw him alone with another girl behaving in an obviously touchy/flirty manner. But then when he saw me today he got a big smile (as usual) as if nothing happened...

Do some guys go this far to play a girl?


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  • I'm not a player by any stretch of the imagination, but all the things he has done does seem like quite a lot to do if he was just playing you. So my guess is he likes you, but is maybe taking it kind of slow?

    • But he's been seing other girls...

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    • I did talk to him about it and said that we just needed to be honest with each other and he just got angry and defensive and said that he enjoyed seeing me... but never denied seeing other girls.

    • Well maybe he has different views on relationships and dating. If you guys have not talked about being in a relationship or exclusively dating then his actions are unusual, but not technically wrong

  • If he was just playing you he would have moved to have sex by now.

    • Then why would he feel the need to see other girls?

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  • If you feel like something serious is going on between you, ask him. Ask him if he's serious about you and not just fucking around. Then you'll know if he's a player. If he has a reputation I would be careful. Is it okay if you could answer mine? Delete the space between the dot and the com for it to work: girlsaskguys. com/guys-behavior/q2149068-could-this-guy-be-interested