What actions is a woman taking when she mentions that she has been stalking me after I saw her again after we had a argument few months ago?

I had a great friendship with this girl for 3 months.
She would contact me everyday and smile at me.
She would laugh at my jokes

After we had a argument, she avoided and stopped reaching out to me for a few months.

Randomly the elevator stopped at her floor and she walked in excitedly and shouted that It's been a while since she saw me. She mentioned that she has been stalking me.

How do you feel about this?


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  • It really just sounds to me like she was joking with you.

    • How do you know?

    • Because it sounds like she and I have the same type of sense of humor (fairly sarcastic). Sometimes people don't know if I'm joking, but to me it just sounds like a funny thing to say as no one should actually believe they were being stalked by me.

  • I'm sure she was exaggerating if she said she was stalking you. If she was acting serious about it (like saying it in a serious tone) then that's a problem. Like that's a little weird. Any ways, is it okay if you can answer mine? Delete the space between the dot and the com for it to work:
    girlsaskguys. com/guys-behavior/q2149068-could-this-guy-be-interested

    • How do you think she was acting?

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