Starting to develop feelings for my friends with benefits, what to do?

So my friends with benefits and I have been doing it since April of this year. We don't text on a regular but whenever either one of us wanna do it, we hit each other up. The sex is beyond great. I really don't know how to tell him that I'm developing feelings. We do it every two weeks or so and always have a great conversation before and after sex. I'm constantly thinking about him and how great he makes me feel. How can I open up to him about my feelings?


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  • get out now

    • why though? i never thought i'd have feelings for this guy... but now i do

    • how this normally goes,

      >two people enter friends with benefits
      >one of the two always defects (gets attached)
      >defect decides to tell other person
      >they say no we are just friends with benefits and it's not what I want
      >both expect things to go back to normal
      >but it can't.

  • Can you pm?

    • Doesn't allow me to pm. But what do you think? How do I let him know?

    • Follow me, and we can chat..
      It happened to me too with a friends with benefits

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  • You shouldn't tell him, he probably doesn't feel the same way about you. I'd suggest you to stop it, otherwise you will end up being hurt.