How do you show or expect someone to show you they care?

Been friends with lots of guys and known this one for almost 10 years now. We've lived together, he's dated all my friends, and slept with a few of them. He says he wants unconditional love but anytime he gets that he pushes people away.

He knows that I like him now and really care for him, but he never tells me how he feels. He says words mean nothing so he's an actions person.

The funny part is that his words like his witt are what gets me, but his actions suck. I'll invite him over to hangout but when another one of our friends ask if he's gonna hang out he said he doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to hurt or make anyone feel like he doesn't care. I would get that but he just hung out with our friend at that bar earlier that night.
I know guys enough to know when they really like a girl they do everything they can to see them, so if he cared it wouldn't be a hard choice where he should go. (He ended up, just going home that night.)

Then last night I invited him over again and thought he was coming and then i found out he went to see another friend at the spur of the moment and didn't think I expected to see him. When I've asked him to other things he never shows either.

He needs friends in his life right now, so I'm extremely happy all my guy friends are getting along again. My problem is I'm just as close of a friend too, but he constantly shows he doesn't take my feelings into consideration, but he does others.

His actions show me tons. I'm really ok just being friends so im good either way, but if I say he doesn't care he says that's crap and to get real. I wish he would just say he doesn't give a damn and get it. Like he says actions mean a lot.

What does someone need to do for you to show you they care? I'm usually a person that needs words, but I've never had someone's actions go completely against their words so it's annoying me. Like to see what others need or expect when it comes to knowing someone truly cares for them in a relationship.


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  • Simply your a better freind to him than he is to you. He might even take you for granted now.
    I expect my freinds to show that they care by communicating. When we agree to meet up. If they cancel they should tell me before hand through a text. Otherwise I loose a lot of trust in them. I have gone through that to much in order for it not to be really important to me.
    They need to be able to listen, just listen and then talk. It is easy to tell who is a good listener is who will just give you advice and help cause they want to see you happy.
    I need to be able to rely on them and be able to chat with them when I need to. Or they need to be able to pick a time that I can talk with them. I'm always there for all of my freinds 24/7. Even if I'm asleep I will talk with them on the phone when they are having a really hard time.
    They need to show they care by their words and actions. They can show that they care through their words by asking how I am and digging when they think that I'm not ok. By their actions when they show that they care about my opinion and feelings by helping me if I need it. Helping other freinds that need it. By being a moral person who has character and defending their freinds against other freinds.


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  • I think he's taking you for granted and he is not a man of actions like he says he is.


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  • A combination of words and action if you only have words it's empty.

  • Do good n have good. Care him he will care you babe ;)


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