Is every other guy just having sex except me?

If you are not deemed attractive, or just average. I feel that pretty much means your life is gonna be pretty sexless or you'd have to pay to have sex with someone you are attracted to. To think about it it is quite a depressing life. The cost to enjoy a relationship without overworking and shelling out money on women that you actually are attracted to is very high, making the prospect of a relationship not enjoyable, because putting someone else on the pedestal is just not fun and self degrading. Whereas a hot guy is just always enough being himself.

I've learnt pick up for sometime now, all I can say is, that it has increased my chances, now I am getting numbers and holding hands with girls. But getting second dates is hard and haven't quite seal the deals yet if you know what I mean. To contrast that with how easily girls offer sex to a hot guy on tinder, it kinda makes me feel like plastic surgery is actually a way to get some dignity back despite the taboo particularly for men. When you are hot you don't need game, just don't be a retard. Life is on easy mode. No reward for playing life on hard mode to the end anyway.

Despite what women say about look only gets you so far, well I am average and perhaps above when I dress well and use height boosting inserts into my shoes. You'd be amazed about how much just 3-5 cm taller can "get you noticed". If you don't get noticed, all your other quality means nothing.

Here's the tricky bit, when your competitor is a "hot" guy also taking the same girl out on dates when you are not, you can almost bet that he would progress further and faster with her than you.

How do other guys deal with this issue? I mean when you look around, people are still getting married and churning out babies. It's not like the population growth rate is negative or something. I think I am missing something in the picture but don't know what it is. But it seams like looking good is everything that matters.

Are most average guys just getting the "left overs" of women in their mid to late thirties? Or eventually end up in a relationship with a woman as a step father? Why go through all these to degrade yourself, wouldn't it make more sense to spend money on yourself to fix your flaws and permanently elevate your life state?


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  • Are you successful or interesting? Those qualities can make up for the fact that you're average or below average.

    • Lol it all depends... Long answer is this. Without my gear I am an average looking guy. Not ugly not short, not bad. When I am 5cm taller (2 inches), when I put an insert into my shoes, I am all of a sudden an attractive guy and get way more girls talking to me. VIP attention. It is retarded what 2 inches height can do. Makes me feel like look is always superior to what's on the inside. I am not even going for hot girls. I am going for girls that are half a head shorter than me without my height boosters. facial features wise they are not bad, but they are still picky. I am lean and athletic and goes to the gym. I have wide shoulders and I am an interesting person, I can get a girl to come out on dates with me. But it seems like they won't kiss me on a those dates. I just think that if I can get a nose job, that should do it, that's the only place I think needs to change to get better results. I am a job that earns 70k a year. Not very successful I think.

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  • You know, it's all in the game and you're just being a whiner. If it's something you want, you need to go for it. Only a very, very small percentage of guys can walk into a room and have women throw themselves at them. Most of us can't be that type of guy so we have to work for it and that means working on your career. I mean, I wish you could see me and I wish you could see the type of dating and sex life I've had. I'll tell you right now, I'm a 5'5" Asian guy with a tiny dick. But you know... I've had a really good career (which is also hard when you're 5'5" but that's another issue) and I've made sure that I date thoughtfully. For me, that means nice dinners, going to lots of Broadway musicals and being attentive.

    The thing is, life is a lot more balanced than you think. The biggest advantage in dating is that most of those guys have no clue how to really date. That's why the most common complaint that women have about their ex-boyfriends is that the guy was a loser. I can't believe how many educated, successful women tell me about how their ex-boyfriend never took them out and how she was always finding things to do and always paying etc. But in the end, that's a good thing... because if those hot guys at the club actually treated women well, we'd just be screwed.

    So yeah, it'll take work, it'll take time, and it'll cost money but what doesn't? It's like a joke I often say to my friends... The American Dream is dead -- nowadays you have to work for everything you get.

    • What do you do for your career? What are you netting? I am an Asian guy 5'9, 70k income (not great), I am gifted down below and I hate putting people on pedestal to be liked. Earning more makes sense to pay for my self grooming and some dates. But I think I will lose my erection for her if I realise that in order to get inside her, this is the price. I think I love myself more than anyone else to do that. If I need to spend money on her to be like then I am attracting gold diggers right? The harder I work the less time I can date girls right? If I can choose to be better looking, then what ever free time that I have not pursuing my career and hobbies, then I can be certain that some girls I would find attractive would take up the void, instead of me going out there to fill in someone else's void.

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    • You know, I'm just not into that. I think that you have to sort of be into that type of thing to want that. I think everyone is a little different in that regard. Maybe I'm just not creative enough. I've done the couples thing before and that was ok, but part of me was just really humored that my girl sort of rejected the other guy and well, I never did another one so I guess that that's kind of telling with regards to how I felt about that. But yeah, if big sex orgies are your thing, then I can't really tell you how to land one of those since I have no experience in that, but if you're just looking to nail pretty hot women then you just need to work on your career and your dating game.

    • Sounds good enough lol. At least you are an actual proof. Thanks for the replies.

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  • Yes we are. Sorry mate. You'll come good eventually so hold your head high

  • I think I'm a good-looking guy, but I'm choosing to stay a virgin until marriage.

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