Would you date or avoid this person?

-She gets a lot of male attention, flirts with all the guys, and fishes for compliments

- She acts likes she likes me sometimes, but at other times ignores me

- She lives on her phone 24/7 and doesn't seem to have too many friends

- She is always into drama

- She never told me she was in a serious relationship :( She hid this from me until I found out and may have led me on ( However they broke up now because he didn't want marriage)

- She is a few years older than me and really wants marriage, kids and be a stay at home mom
( I am 24 She is 26.5)

- If she goes out it's only to drink Friday and Saturday nights otherwise she is at home

- She is very naive at times (Might be faking it?)

- She seems to fit the description of an attention *bleep*

- She can never give straight answer about serious things, and tries to avoid serious topics

- She gossips and talks a lot behind peoples back

- She hates driving, traveling and is scared to leave the city

Despite everything, I really love her... I am not sure if my self confidence is low, or it's because of inexperience but she is getting really toxic for me. I think about her 24/7, I even know she has traits that should be avoided in a partner but I keep making excuses and defending her. I love her and think she would be an amazing partner. People tell me she led me on, and she should be avoided and she is not as good as I think she is... but I really can't see it.

So I tried making a list of some of her bad traits.

Maybe I need reinsurance why these traits might be bad in a partner? Has anyone experienced a partner like this?


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  • I'd avoid all the drama now while you still have the chance to run away rather than deal with it all throughout. Part of the fun about spending time with your other half is enjoying their company and their presence. She is doing the opposite from the sounds of it so if I were you, I'd dump her. I know you deserve much better than that.

    • Thank you for Answering :)

      We are not dating, it's just that I am really in love with her... and I know she has a lot of bad traits, and people say she is bad news... but I'm in love...

      What kind of drama will happen if I am with her? I have never been in a relationship before and I really don't know what happens or what is supposed to happen.

    • I will base this all out of my guy friends (i grew up around boys). I will state out a few examples for you.

      * She gossips - meaning your relationship could be out in public. Higher chances of your relationship being the main topic of their conversation. This includes your sex life, your habits and personal details you don't wish to share.

      * She likes male attention- which means there's a big chance she won't be changing that anytime soon.. She may still flirt with other men when she gets in a relationship with you. I mean she didn't even tell you that she was in a relationship with someone else. Chances are, she will do the same thing with the next guy.

      * She likes drama... Yeah, hell I avoid drama.

      But you can't really choose who you fall in love with. No matter what your friends or we (strangers) say, the decision will ultimately depend on you. So its your choice at the end. I just wish you luck.

    • Well she was flirting with me when she was with her boyfriend, and talked to me a lot.

      I remember they went out once, to a nice restaurant and I texted her the entire time.

      Like, I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be doing that. Especially talking to a guy that loves her.

      I guess I can't help that I am in love with her. I know she is bad, but I guess I am waiting for something to click in my mind and push me over the top.

      Someone said I don't have self respect because I would be okay with her cheating on me, I really don't know why I would accept that, but I would from her... I just feel like 50% of her is better than 0% of her.

      Your examples really helped :) Are you able to share more?

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