Does he like me or he's just nice?

First, he is a teacher and I am 18 years student. I do not intend to do something right now, but I'm curious since I'm attracted to him. He is a young teacher, at first we were always making eye contact when we met, then we talked a bit. After this he recquested my friendship on facebook and messaged me, one of the things he said was that he thought I was a teacher. Some friends said that he used this as a subtle method of flirting, like I look old enough to flirt with you. I didn't saw him the last days, he liked some of my pics on facebook but I'm not going too far with this as he can like other girls pics too. Today I saw him and the friend I was with said that he actually turned his head and looked at me. I'm actually wondering if men do it this everytime with the ladies and it's an usual thing and I'm thinking too much or he's actually interested. I need advice. thanks :)


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  • He might be attracted to you, but could lose his job, and never get another teaching job, if anyone accuses him of it.

    • I agree. Even if he isn't her teacher, he could lose his teaching job forever. Don't put him in that position

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  • Hm, where are you from? In some places, there are laws that dictate that a student is not allowed to date the teacher/professor.

    Back to your question, it seems like he's casually flirting with you, maybe he thinks you're pretty/cute. I would say to wait it out though and not over think it. You should really observe him yourself or just go ahead and ask his opinion of you since you're attracted to him :)

    • I forgot to say, he's not my teacher! He's in my school, but I'm not his student.

    • Thank you, Dannii, for your answer, by the way :)

    • No problem dear. But well, to stay safe, it's best to only pursue a relationship with him after you've graduated :)

  • If he is your teacher in high school do not risk his job, please

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