My boyfriend and I have been living together for 2 years. I get up for work at 5:30am and come home at 6-7pm... so I am tired, meanwhile boyfriend works from home. We can go for 2-3 days without sex, and he always makes me feel bad for being too tired to do it daily... what do I do?


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  • Explain to him nicely. He will understand.

    • aaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa, yeah... O.. KAY!!

      They live together if he can't see she works mad hours than explaining what's right in front of his eyes isn't gonna help.

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    • and still you live with him for 2 years well love is strange.

    • Living with ANYONE is hard to deal with. Just remember, there probably times he is feeling the same way about you.

      Love... is what keeps you working towards making each other happy.

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  • take some vitamin b12 around 5pm, and tell him to shower with you when you get home.

    He is making you feel guilty because he has thought of cheating or has an opportunity to and he is TRYING not to do that.

    Sexual intimacy is a human necessity just as much as eating, resting, & exercise.

    putting out is a part of the commitment you made when you decided to be monogamous with this guy.

    sustaining a relationship sometimes means doing things we don't want to do from time to time.

    just make sure you find a compromise. ei. you put out more... he let's you sleep in on your days off and makes breakfast for you.

    you're in a relationship, if you don't take care of your man other women will.

    • I 100% agree thank you,, i just think that he is being a cry baby- its been 2-3 days with no sex... not like a week!

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    • Thank you so much! will give that a try! you're an angel!

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  • does he make you feel bad for being tired? like does he actively do something or perhaps do you feel guilty that because of your exhaustion you are not up for sex as often?

    basically he has to be understanding of your situation. you are spending more than 12 hours outside of the house. you are coming home with little free time before you have to go to sleep and right back to work. he needs to be understanding of this

    you two should just try and work on figuring out times that may be best to be intimate and be patient with each other knowing that life can get in the way of recreational activity

    • great advice, thank you!

  • Give him sex daily?

    • I am tired, and I shouldn't have to feel badly about not being in the mood.

    • Well that shouldn't get in the way of sex, but if he isn't taking care of things at home or sending you sexy messages while you're at work then maybe he shouldn't get it everyday..

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