Why would this guy add me on all my social media accounts and ignore me?

but ignore me and we haven't met up?


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  • maybe he's tryin stalk you or just gain followers/ friends. you don't find it creepy if a random guy slides up in your dms?

    • ha, he has like 30 posts and doesn't care about social media. he's just stalking me. we met via a dating app and have been talking for a few weeks. We haven't met and i find it a bit off to have someone who has never met me, and isn't part of my world ( work or social network) add me on all my SM accounts.

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  • I wouldn't think too much of it, there could be many reasons that he's added you but not been active with you. Some guys just follow lots of girls and don't necessarily interact with them, especially if they never met up with them. Relationships progress in stages, just leave things as they are and see whether he takes steps to develop the interaction.

    • we have spent weeks texting. i just feel like its weird when someone won't meet up with you or wants to know everything before.

      thats the point dating? meeting up and learning about each other. it shouldn't be through your pics, like it's a resume.

    • you meet up, don't like them and move on or continue on another date. otherwise, it creates false intimacy.

    • Yes, typically, sure. But keep in mind everyone's different - the longer I live life the more I realize this. Some people are just different without being weird or bad. This guy may just have a different way about him, that he encounters and assesses women. As they say, "different strokes for different folks."

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  • he's just starting to get his foot in the door

    • yeah sure, but we haven't met. he has my fb because i dont care about facebook. all my stuff is on lockdown. you have some puppy and pictures of ice cream cones, but that's about it. maybe, some posts about my interests in volleyball and baking. nothing personal.

  • I just ignore this one girl. It's because she has a lot of guy friends and I don't want to come off as just a guy friend. I feel like crap

    • im sorry babe. that said, if you ignore her, she probably will just think you're not interested.

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    • just give her lots of attention and back away. that usually gets them. unless she has a parade of guys, and she'll just go to the next one if oyu ignore her. you jsut have to find out what makes her tick and get to know her.

    • Right! Well either way thank you for the advice even though I was suppose to help you and not vice versa. Thank you lava man

  • Have you met him in public? Did he seem shy?

    • i have not. he's not shy.

    • Well than I have no idea... 😕

    • i dont think he planned to ever meet me. he just wanted to talk to someone and have them on the hook

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  • Some guys are just voyeurs but How is he ignoring you?

    • we were talking a lot but now he's not replying to my texts. LOL. then he goes and adds me on instagram? weirdo

    • guys are weird with texting sometimes. If they dont have anything to say they just stop. I deal with it with my boyfriend of 3 years!

    • yeah im not too impressed with this one. i think im going to just move on.