Girls, what matters most for a hot sex (assuming there is good chemistry already)? Guy's facial aesthetics, body build or height?

How would you rate those three features? What's the most important one and which is the least important one for having a hot amazing sex with a guy? Even if you choose height to be the least important, the guy will still be minimally taller than you (1-2 inch) or same height as you.

When rating these, please assume you already have the most important thing with the guy - a great chemistry :) This is like bonus features for the hot sex :)

  • Facial aesthetics is most important
  • Body Build is most important
  • Height is most important
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  • Body for sure!!! I don't have sex face to face so his face isn't that important...

    • wut lol? What do you mean you don't have sex face to face? hahaha

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    • r u an escort lol?

    • No, I'm not. Lol

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