So I told this girl "I don't know" when she asked me how I felt her, now she's ignoring me again. Help?

Ok, so last month I accidentally hurt my friend really bad emotionally. Basically, I told her I liked a different girl (I had no idea she liked me). After that, she began ignoring me. Rarely saying hi to me. Well, I could feel myself losing interest in my crush and gaining it in her. So, I told my friends I liked her and without my permission they go and tell her. They told me she was shocked, and that she didn't say no to me. So the next day, she confronted me. She couldn't stop smiling at me and she said she has "mixed feelings," and that she wanted to know how I felt. I told her "I don't know," and now she's back to ignoring me like before. Is there a reason why she's doing this again? I'd like to really know her but it's hard to do when she begins ignoring you and every time I feel like she'd bite my hand off if I went up to talk to her.

P. S if it helps when I told her how I felt she began to be more open and poking me playfully.

  • She still thinks I don't like her
  • She wants me to be straight forward with her
  • She doesn't like me
  • She thinks I'm joking with her and am not being serious
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  • My guy friend did this to me so I know how sea feeling.
    Your crush probably thinks that you don't care about her or how she feels. You NEED to talk to her or you might loose her friendship. Chances are she still likes you.


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  • Your friends shouldn't have done that without your permission. But if I were her, would assume you were joking around or something with the admission of another crush, hearing that you liked HER, then hearing "I don't know".


What Guys Said 1

  • she was probably really happy about it but is now heartbroken or some shit I don't know

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