Girls, would you go out with a guy who?

So if a guy came up to you and said "Hey so check this out, I saw you over there and thought to myself 'Yo! She is gorgeous!' so I came over here ask if I could get your number, I'd like to take you out some time."

if if he said this all very confidently and enthusiastically, what would you think? Would you most likely say yes or no? And if you said no, would you let him down easy?

im asking this because I thought about saying this to a random girl at school just for the hell of it. Not expecting to get a date, I just want some practice. What do you think?


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  • If he was attractive I'd say yes.

    If he wasn't attractive I'd say no.

    Depends if he was my type or not.


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  • Lol! A guy told me somethin alike while I was about meet with my boyfriend. I started speaking Turkish and looked his reaction lol 😂 His wtf face was funny. After saying " Sorry, but I have a bf" he laughed and told me "next time, princess" lol 😂

    • So should I go for it?

    • I don't think so. The man who was talking to me was really polite and he was the friend of a waiter who works at the cafe I used to go. While I was passing by the cafe he came and when I looked at the waiter who smokes by the door he said "I know him, don't worry" with his acts. So...

    • So he was a creep?

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  • Don't say "yo" especially as an adult.

    • I'm in highschool but point taken

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