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I've known this guy for a little over a year. He's some years older than me but that's ok. We've talked pretty much consistently. He knows me pretty well. Throughout the year we've both been involved with others on different levels. We've talked about being sexually active but it hasn't happened so far. Some months ago I realized that I had feelings for him but I've never mentioned it. I've always been tough with him because of what I've experienced with the others. He's been there and around for most of the issues I've had with the other guys. I've even gone to him for advice. He would randomly ask me what happened between me and them and if they still try to contact me. It was interesting because we would never really discuss his experiences with those he was involved with. It didn't feel like progress was being made between us so a few months ago I entered a relationship with someone else. This changed our relationship. He became more distant as compared to when I told him I was just messing with other guys in a non serious way. We had a fall out and stopped talking for almost a month. I couldn't keep up with the relationship I was in so I broke it off. Me and the other guy got back into contact. He randomly in a weird manner asked me about what happened with my ex. I partially explained it to him. A few months after us getting back in contact, we fell off again. There had been a lot of tension and stagnancy. After a month of no communication and him ignoring me, he reached out to me recently. Someone had on an outfit that reminded him of me and that triggered him to contact me. He's been complaining about how I communicate and act with him, which I want to change but I'm not sure if he'll be like the others if I do. It's my way of protecting myself. I want to tell him how I feel but I don't know if he sees a serious future with me. I can tell he's frustrated and aggravated but I'm confused. Would it be right for me to open up to him and tell him how I feel?


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  • Commenting now so I Can find this later when I can answer this.

    • So yeah, I'd say tell him. Guys like it when you're up front and honest with them. He seemed a little tired of keeping up with all the boy talk and what not I don't know. Maybe he felt a little frustrated because he liked you but never had the guts to talk to you about it.

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  • I think it would be a right move to open up to him in order to know if both of you feel the same way about each other.