How to attract my crush when texting?

I'm good looking:) but woman care about personality more.. I think I'm a boring texter, give me ideas on what to text my friend that I like (Be serious)


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  • Ask things that give you a better idea of her insterests, her likes, her goals, etc. Showing interest in a girl and wanting to know more about her is definitely a great conversation piece once you get more familiar with her. :-)

    You could ask about her hobbies, find out her interests / things she's into. You can send her friendly, positive messages to cheer her up or make her smile. Be a bit flirty/ playful with the texts Send her pictures or funny snapchat filters / edits.
    Little things to show her that you're there for her, and someone she can enjoy talking with.


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  • Just be funny. Show some memes ( I guess this depends on how old you Are), talk about your day your crush's day. If you're a boring texter then hang out. Talk to your crush in person


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  • "women care about personality more" haha I wish.