Girls, what makes you the most nervous about a second date with a guy after a really good first date?


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  • If I say/act something stupid that will turn him off...
    If the great chemistry we shared on the first date isn't going to be there.. (this happened to me before we had so much fun, great time on our first date and on our second... like we're awkward most time, the fun spark wasn't there... it happens lol)
    If make out/hook up is going to happen (depends on how the first date ended), and then I get insecure about my body, lol
    silly stuffs.

    • So, how would the first date end to where you're thinking about making out or hooking up on the second date?

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    • she probably expecting the same or further steps next time ;)
      Personally, if I have a really hot first date, it means I'm super attracted to the guy. and I'm very attracted to him enough to go that much further on the first date.
      She might regret it and tries to take it slow thinking she could have given you a wrong impression, or if you going to judge her and stuffs.. if she does, just tell her you not going to judge her and it really doesn't matter to you if sex/makeout happens first date or tenth date as long as you like her.(of course if you really mean it lol don't fake it and break her heart) That's how my guy scored me on our second date lol

    • I agree with you. She seems really into me too, so I don't think I'm worried about that.. or her feeling awkward. I am bringing a few condoms for our date tonight just in case.

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  • If I really like him, and am hoping that our second date will lead to a 3rd date, etc.

    • Cool. Thanks for sharing

    • You're welcome, if she's nervous it's a good sign :)

    • I think so too

  • If I REALLY like him, then I don't want to do anything to screw up the second date! How to keep him interested? What is left for us to talk about (assuming we covered the basics in the first date)?

    • What are things you've done to keep him interested? I agree with you too. I want to keep her interested also

    • I don't know lol that's why I would be nervous for a second date! I'd try to be myself, try to find things to talk about, etc.

    • Makes sense