Is he jealous or what?

I've known this guy for a while. We talk here and there. But now it seems like everytime I start to talk to a guy he ignores me. Or if I mention a guy while we're talking he goes silent on me. Or he'll mention guys to me. Like if I ask him to help me he'll suggest to ask another guy.

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  • Is he jealous? From the sounds of it I lean to yes. I feel like he's holding in feelings for you, and whats you to still be available to him. When other guys come into the picture, he fears that he will lose you and gets upset and jealous. However, thats where I lean, its not a definite answer.

    Some guys just don't like other guys, or act like a big brother to a female friend (seeing her as a little sister) and tries to protect her and make sure she's with the right guy. Its very difficult purely going off of this, but based off the info thats where I lean.

    Get some more info, gage some reactions, see what happens, in meantime though, I lean to a yes.

    • What reactions should i try to get? And how?

    • Like, talking to him more, see how he answers questions. Ask him to hangout, maybe you and friends and see what he does. So on

  • It's not enough to go off of. I could say he is, but that might not be the case. I would assume he isn't until proven otherwise.

    • What should I do to make him show how true or untrue this all is?

    • I'm not really sure that is possible. What you should try and do is work on yourself so your not worried about what he's doing in his backyard per se. This could have a jealousy effect, or it could blow up in your face and have a adverse effect. I would try to maintain peace of mind is more powerful.

  • I would say yes, but it's not definite. Some guys just don't like talking about other guys.

    • How do i know for sure if he is or not?

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