Is he trying to tell me he likes me?

My classmate ( a guy ) lately has been acting like he likes me. He always texts me out of the blue saying things like "You look good today", "I love seeing your smile during Biology class".

And he would be very concern about my health and often he would call me checking if I was okay.

Yesterday , he asked me if I wanted to confessed anything to him. Which got me confused because all these time he was the one who has been showing like he likes me. But not he's saying Im the one who has been sending signs that I liked him first.

We were on the phone for quite a long time last night and he told me the first impression I gave him. He said , when he first saw me he thinks Im beautiful, smart and he likes to hear my voice.

He was very distant and all of the sudden we became close so I asked him why? He said , earlier my other guy classmate was trying me out so he didn't want to disturb. Then I asked him, why didn't you treat me just like a normal friend like everybody else?

Besides that , he even invited me to follow his family on a vacation. He said "Mu mum will love you". And he wanted his sister to be the first person who gets to know me.

So my point is , is he trying to say he likes me a lot but is too chicken to admit it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Simple Answer, yes he likes you... A LOT!

    More In depth though, the signs are pretty clear. He wants you to meet his family AND take personal time together. Big BIg BIG sign here! Concerned on your health and checking in on you is another good sign. Asking if you had anything to confess was like him saying this: "I really like you, but I want to make sure you like me, because I am to scared to actually say it myself". He treats you differently which is again another huge flag he likes you.

    Now the question comes to play, do you like him? I mean, if you do, congrats because he likes you (if not loves you at this point). Usually I'm not one to jump to conclusions and give people advice saying its a for sure, but this sounds like a for sure thing. Your ending question though, yes, he is to chicken to say it. If you like him just tell him, I'm sure he'd be so happy. If not though, make sure to let him down easy. Good luck :)


What Girls Said 2

  • I'd say he likes you. Are you interested in him, that's going to be the controlling factor. If you like him back, tell him to quit stalling and let you know!

  • He really really likes you! If you like him or see a possibility of liking him you should ask him out