Is it wrong to not consider her?

Ok there's a attractive girl in my class who likes me but I kinda don't wanna date her cause she has a deeper voice

Thanks again


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  • Its not a problem. Your not attracted to that, so move on. Because had you dated her, or at least went out with her, you would probably regretted it because you can't let that go. And she would regretted it, because the feelings are not mutual. Not a good way to start a relationship.

    • Is it a stupid reason

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    • I do wanna date her if women can read eyes I give it away in my eyes when I feel strongly about a girl

    • @Asker

      Well you have to make a decision and get over your insecurities. Yes its true that the eyes is the mirror of the soul. But if you don't learn to handle life at full force, you won't get anywhere.

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  • Just take her out to dinner or something
    No harm done if you dont like her.
    But spending a bit of 1 on 1 time with her will help you decide if you like her or not

    • I do like het

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    • Well now is your chance

    • How so

  • I have a deep voice haha :')
    But no... your feelings are yours and you can't help it, so it's okay

    • Women shouldn't have deep voices like that it's gonna get awkward

    • I hate my voice but I can't help it unless I fake it and that's even more awkward

    • Well I just find it awkward

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  • Of course not. I don't want to date plenty of people due to silly reasons. And I am utterly confident that there are many silly reasons that other people do not want to date me too.

    Preference is preference. You're still allowed to have it.

    • How is it silly

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    • @lawstudent931 ok but to hear a girl in my class talk with a deep voice is weird it make me for you wanna hit the gym with me bro

    • Makes me wanna say you wanna hit the gym with me bro