Too good to be true?

Met this guy through facebook, he is legit, lives not far from me. We started talking about a week ago and we hit it off crazily, I tried my hardest not to get feelings. Anyhow, he asked me who I liked and I said "someone", he figured out it was him, and he said "I'' into you as well," refused to say like. He's now begun calling me babe, and has always been so nice and selfless to me. We are meeting in person when I go swimming with my friends (a lot of guys, a few girls, all capable of helping me)


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  • You should never trust random people off facebook.

    And that's just one girl. Girls just like you are murdered by people they thought they could trust all the time.

    • He's not some random guy off facebook, though. He was in my suggested list, used to live where I live now, and there were multiple pictures of him on there. I added him as a friend and he messaged me asking who I was, and how I know him.

    • Sounds random to me.

  • I think you should just see how things go. He sounds like a nice guy. Just don't let him take advantage of you and don't go to fast :)