Guys, how do I handle a guy I'm seeing who's a bit flirty?

So I've been seeing a guy awhile now. Both said we have feelings for each other and I've met his friends. He's 27 I'm 22. He's told me he won't waste time with anyone he doesn't see a future with. However he's recently been a bit flirtatious with girls on Facebook. We haven't had a chat about whether or not we are still talking to other people but I want to let him know I don't like seeing that stuff on Facebook. How do I go about this? My friend said send a message but I'm thinking trying to wait it out until we are alone together

advice really wanted!

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  • Call him
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  • Wait till you see him alone
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  • I would say either of the last two options depending on how often you see him

    • I'm going out tomorrow with friends for drinks for my birthday and he's suppose to be coming and meeting them for the first time. Do I bring it up before or after tomorrow night? How do I bring it up without coming across as possessive

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    • Depends on the guy really. Some will like taking the lead and others do not want the lead. Pretty much everyone confuses everyone these days because true and honest communication can be hard to come but especially when it comes to dating and people are way over reading into every situation so nobody trusts anyone

    • Thank you for MHO 😋

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  • Something like that should be talked about in person. So wait til the next time you see him then nail it down!

    • What do you mean nail it down?

    • Nail it down, iron out the details. Talk to him about it.