I am so pissed at the girl I like and its her birthday today?

So yesterday I was suppose to cook for this girl that I really liked as a gift for her birthday which is today 21st October, the day before yesterday we were texting at night and I told her what time the food will be ready ( I told her I will cook for her 2 months ago and we always bring it up as a joke ). Yesterday after she finished her shift I texted her asking how is she and she told me she is eating at a restaurant? I thought she was lying but turns out she wasn't and then she said "oh I just remembered" and said that she is gonna leave her food.
And today its her birthday and I dont know if I should gift her anything ( i already bought her gift as a surprise for her) or even wish her happy birthday, she really pissed me off I put the effort and time and she doesn't value it at all, now I know maybe she actually forgot but cmon if someone doesn't value you as much as you do thats a red flag, right?
And if you are wondering I am actually a very good cook and she knows it.


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  • Libras have fun lol my mans a Libra 😂


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  • You know, unless this is a pattern, I'd cut her some slack. You guys are young and I know that when I was young, I was a hell of a lot more self-centered and selfish than I am now. Hopefully she's a little apologetic, but try to still be good to her today. And it's not because you should kiss her ass -- it's because the nicer you are to her, the more fun you'll have too. So unless she's proven time and time again that she's a complete asshole, I say you let this one go.

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