Guy hasn't texted me yet after a date?

Recently got back on Tinder for a laugh and meet new people as I've moved to a new city for uni. Got talking to this guy who seemed really chill and keen but not in a creepy way like most guys on there. We texted for a bit and met yesterday and had a good time, really natural and the banter just flowed, he said he would like to see me again if I wanted to, we hugged goodbye and I said to drop me a text.

That was yesterday afternoon and I haven't heard from him. He is a slow texter and really busy but I feel if a guys interested he would contact me? Also I know it was a 'tinder date' and its possible he is dating around which doesn't bother me as I sort of am too but I would like to get to know him more. He did seem really into me but I'm worried now I came across a certain way and he just isn't interested. Any guys insight would be helpful :)

He texted me about forty mins ago.. 2 days after date.. not bad I suppose! I'll see what happens next


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  • I agree with you that he should have texted by now. However, the advice that most guys get is that if you really like a girl you should wait at least a week to text her so that she has time to miss you.

    I disagree with this advise, but I hear it all the time.

    His lack of texting does not mean he isn't interested. Give it some time.

    • Im trying not to let it bother me but it is as I really enjoyed the date! So confusing..

    • Don't let it bother you. There is every chance that he wants to contact you but doesn't want to ruin thing by texting too soon. I know that may sound stupid to you but that is what ALL his friends will be telling him.

      However, when he does text you and you do go out on a second date. Have a nice friendly conversation that you don't like to play those games and he shouldn't either.

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  • Just be a little patient. He could think that the three day rule is still a thing and is waiting to text you to avoid seeming desperate. If he does not text you after a week, you can assume he is not interested. You could also send him one text yourself to gauge his interest. Just say that you had a nice time. But do not text him too much because that will show him that you appear desperate.


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  • If he's a slow texter then you should probably be a little patient. Wait for a couple of days and if he still won't text you, give up.