He asked me how I felt about him?

So my crush obviously likes me because he has been hinting at it. This is what he said last night
He asked me how I felt about him??

The one thing is that I can't tell him I actually like him. He is three years younger than me. I am in grade 12, he is in grade 9. Sure he is mature and cute and talented and literally everything I want in someone. But I can't tell him. I know he wouldn't tell but I know people would suspect we are dating and make rumors. Honestly, there's people jokingly saying that we are dating now bc we hang out at lunch sometimes. I don't know how to respond to him. All of my thoughts about him are pretty much how perfect he is and that I wish he was older so it wouldn't be strange. What should I tell him?

Also I am afraid of making the freidnship awkward. We are close and hangout all the time. If I told him that I'm practically obsessed with him and he feels the same but we can't date it would make everything awkward and it might even mess up our friendship. Please help!
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  • Tell him just that! Tell him how you feel, be honest! You shouldn't let society's standards stop you because it's "weird" or anything like that! If he likes you and you like him, I say go for it! Your own happiness should be your concern, not what the world thinks of everything. Especially if this is what you want. All he wants to know is how you feel about him, and he seems to really like you! Just tell him as honestly as you can how you feel! Even tell him about the age gap and if he's really okay with it. Tell him how you feel :)

    • Thanks for such a great answer! I'm just nervous. The whole age gap this really messes with me. Im actually scared of what will happen if I go for it. But I'm gonna try. thank you again

    • Yeah! I'm always happy to help! 🤗 Just go for it! I believe in you! ☺️

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  • Why can't you tell him? He's ASKING and giving you a chance to be honest, and that's what he wants, whether or not what you have to say is good or bad. You can tell him you like him

    • I can't tell him because I dont want to make the friendship awkward. We are pretty close so to say I like him but I can't date him and he feels the same way... It could make the friendship awkward.

  • Tell him the truth, but don't say you wish he was older part. who cares what people think because if you both truly like each other then people won't stop you from seeing each other\ make fun of you.

    • The whole thing just scares me. I dont know what could happen