Should I go for it?

Ok so here's the story... I met this girl, we are in the same class and I got her Facebook a few weeks ago. We chatted a few times and she seems like a nice girl. I think we like/crush (idk) on each other, but no one is brave enough to go first. Yestarday we huged for first time before going home and she started getting a bit touchy this week, so I teased her for a bit, I know that doesn't seem like a big deal but honestly, I don't know what to do. I'm usually not that shy, only when I'm attracted to someone and I also feel something like a language barrier. I'm kinda conscious about my accent, my English is alright.(keeping it short). Also she is 2 years older than me which is making me even more nervous about it. Now is half term so we got a week off, I was thinking to ask her out to hangout next week. Or should I wait? I am confused! I was also thinking of texting her something like "I'm thinking about you", but not in so straightforward way (appreciate examples). The thing is, we don't really know much about each other, which is a good thing since we will have more topics to talk about right? Also, I may sound like a girl right now but I never wear jeans only trouser because I feel more comfortable and not stuck and bearly walking :D. I usually cut my hair short, but it has grown recently (which I don't mind but still...) and I'm not sure if I should leave it or cut it as usual, I don't know what she likes. Also when people usually go to hangout with someone, they wear jeans... I know there will be someone in the comments saying "you don't have to change yourself for someone else" and stuff like that, but I need to impress her since she is probably going to do the same thing. And one last thing, I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HER which is making me a bit anxious when she is around. Although we are both shy in some way... NERVOUSNESS OVER LEVEL 9000!!!

PS: I seriously need to chill, I know.

I forgot one thing, I've never been on a date before... pathetic I know :D.
If I decide to ask her out, shall I confess my feeling then or keep it in me and eventually do it?


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  • If you like her and wanna ask her out then go for it! Don't think of the negatives or bad things that could happen and just focus on the positives, if you don't do it then you'll regret it. Maybe this quote will help: "It's okay to be afraid. Fear is a part of life. It gives us pause, forces us to think about what we're doing. Fear is useful. But one feeling that isn't useful if regret. Anything that we learn from regret is always too late. bear that in mind"

    • If I decide to ask her out, shall I confess my feeling then or keep it in me and eventually do it?

    • Confess them then

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  • Well, if you ask her out, it's implied you like her. I talked to my crush today, and I was in the same situation as you. We didn't talk very much, but we kept looking at each other and mildly "flirting." I was worried that since I am around a year and a half younger than her, she would find me immature I was going to ask her out, but then my friend decided to walk by, and it ruined the mood. She said to ask her on Monday, which is torture because the words I was going to use were just about to come out of my mouth.
    Anyway, you should definitely ask her out. Cut your hair or don't, which do you prefer?

    • If I decide to ask her out, shall I confess my feeling then or keep it in me and eventually do it?

    • And I prefer short hair, but I look like one these thugs that way... :D

    • If you prefer short hair, keep short hair. It shows what you like, and you won't have to keep a facade. It's up to you and your situation whether you tell her your feelings or not.

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