Best way to ask a guy out?

what is a cute but not cheesy way to ask a guy out?


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  • Print out something that looks like a parking ticket, put it on his windshield, but really it's just an invitation.

  • Just ask him out. Going for coffee or a walk is simple and not cheesy or cute.

    • Morning coffee/tea has been almost a daily for us in the time getting to know each other. A friend suggested getting the coffee shop to write a little message on his tomorrow, cheesy or cute or just simple?

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    • So I don't have enough points to message you yet. But here is a update. We are now dating and I didn't get a chance to take him a tea, he grabbed me a coffee and brought it to me. He had basically considered what we were as dating and it was but it's official now 😊

  • ride in on a horse and then swoop him off his feet and say ''I wanna be with you baby''


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