What is your biggest red flag someone is a parasite/bottom feeder and you know you need to avoid them?

  • You know you'd have financial problems if you get involved
  • The person is promiscuous
  • They don't have any class/manners
  • They are too attached to one or both parents to put you first
  • Their children are out of control
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • They can't take social cues
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Feel free to add your own observations as well.


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  • Stupid people.

    I really avoid them like the plague! I do not want to interact with stupid people at all!


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What Guys Said 9

  • Choosing my #2 word probably be very hard, however my first is definitely being promiscuous.

    As a Christian, marriage comes before sex for me. Also, I will only marry a virgin. Why? Because I'm a virgin, and want us to both experience sex for the first time together. I want both our sexual relationship to include no one but each other. (Sex is by far not one of my main goals in finding my SO, but that particular factor is still very important.)

    • Yes, I was raised like this too, to stay pure and "save yourself for marriage." Not everyone sees marriage as a sacred covenant with God though so you will probably need to find someone from church with your values.

    • Hard to gain time to look around, everyone so busy after the service as they prep to leave. And I also have to wait until I can move from my parents. (I'm not aloud to until I get epilepsy cured...) Because I can't say to my parents "Be right back! I gotta try to get that girl's number before we leave!" lol

  • Compulsive liar, fake, plastic, and they'd just bring me down to their level

  • When they want only circumcised guys, its gonna make me run away.

    • Too right mate! No way in hell I will circumcise myself!

  • Sexual dysfunction is probably one of the biggest - because sexuality is one of the most honest aspects of a person. When you are randy, you ain't thinking much of lying ;)

  • I believe if they can't communicate than that is big issue
    ( Lacks to call, Lacks to text, Makes excuses when dating
    comes up )
    Uses their cell phone all the time while on date

  • if they can't stick to one person and date that person its sfae to assume they aren't responsible and have no problem leaving something behind and leaving, meaning they will do what it takes to get things from you and move on.

  • Alcoholics who have no moral compass.

  • any or all of these

  • They do drugs (including weed).


What Girls Said 3

  • When they can't tell when I am upset, because of what they did... lol πŸ˜†
    Sometimes I keep quiet about it, and not say anything, and at other times I am a ticking bomb πŸ’£... lol
    If they can't tell, then it is best for me to avoid them, so they don't make me upset, again... lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • I figure if you warn them once and they keep doing it or do it again, then they aren't the right one for you.

    • Oh good. We won't be missing you then ;)

    • @Unit1
      Your replies to my opinions never make sense to me, because you don't know me, and you act like you do πŸ˜†. I don't get mad easy. Now you would know that if you read my opinion properly, and actually understood it πŸ˜†. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‹

  • The only thing off about D is that I don't necessarily want to be put first. More so, I want my SO to be an adult and make his/her own decisions and execute them. I want him/her to put THEMSELVES first.

    Get it?

    • Part of being an adult is not clinging to apron strings so tight they can't have an adult relationship with you or even themselves.

  • If they're very lazy (live off their parents when they're older adults, don't work, etc.) and have bad spending habits.

    • Meaning they mooch off people lol

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