Why have I largely attracted girls who have minimal friends/no social life/lonely?

Looking back the girls who were actually into me were pretty much all girls with minimal friends. Certainly not weirdos or anything like that at all, but just very few friends and no social life.

I feel like if someone was asking me this question ^^^ my thoughts would be that the girl was only into the guy because he gave her attention (or at least the right amount of attention).


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What Girls Said 1

  • I assume the girls you're talking about are teenage girls... yeah, girls at that age are desperate for attention, but they grow out of it.

    • Well I mean a 20 year old girl who has her life together, doesn't care for social media etc. I wouldn't say is desperate for attention. I feel like guy-girl relationship attention is a bit different.

What Guys Said 1

  • Consider yourself lucky. You don't want to date a girl who has 100 friends. You can't go to a grocery store with her without running into five people. Super annoying.

    • ^ Exactly. As long as they're not anti social or socially awkward, you're fine lol.