If you know she's single ans is giving you sings?

So if you see a girl and find her attractive and decent, and she gives you lots of signs that she likes you and you find out she is single and has no boyfriend, will you ever approach her face to face and talk to her if you ever find her alone and she keeps looking at you?

My problem is that i have no shortage of hot girls having interest in me or giving me signs of interest , but they are 90% of the time taken and the few that are not wanna play games and waste my time, i find my myself really discourged to approach girls, but i knew she was single and i could notice her interesti in me then i guess approaching her and talking to her would be the right choice, what about you?


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  • I'm a female but I think it would be smart to approach her (but not come on too strong). If you're looking to start something and you know she's single and interested and if you return those feelings then you've got nothing to loose


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