Why does she keep responding to my texts?

We've known each other for a long time. She went of to college and came back recently and I asked her on a date. She knows I"m interested but I don't think she is. She hasn't said "no" per say and I'm trying to force her to say no or a much more obvious sign. One of those signs is to not respond to my me at all. But she keeps responding to text, emails, calls. I've asked her on a second date but she didn't respond but I few days later we just start talking again like nothing happened. Should I keep pushing or is she not interested. I did ask only once for a second date and it was through text.

Just want to say, we went to coffee, I don't know if that's a date date, and then we later went to dinner as well. So lets say we've gotten together twice and hasn't responded to a third


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  • Hello,

    I agree what what's already been said, if she isn't responding to your requests for another date then she's saying no.. women don't say no to guys.. they will just ignore the request or come up with an excuse. but in effect she's saying no, remember actions speak louder that words, people are very good at lieing with words but not actions.. listen to your intuition and stop trying to rationalise her...

    best thing to do is to stop contacting her and ask get numbers from other women... doing what your doing (ie wanting a more direct answer) will only anoy her and creep her out..

    back away and keep looking.

    Good Luck


  • Ignore her words, look to her actions. She hasn't gone on a second date with you. You've known each other for a long time and nothing has happened. She is not interested, you don't need to keep pushing, just look at what she does.

    • Well we went to coffee, I don't know if that was a "date" date, then we also went to dinner on another day

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    • Even though she said twice that she did? Damn I guess I have a lot to learn. thanks man

    • That's alright dude. Just remember to look to the actions. If she's not doing it, it's because she doesn't want to. Don't pay attention to the excuses or other stuff she says.

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